Welcome to CHPCOM

Welcome to the homepage for the CHPCOM-project for participants in the project and others with interest in the project.CHPCOM brings the futures Smart Grid solutions for data communication to and from decentralized combined heat and power plants close to the demand of today.

The international standards for data communication for Distributed Energy Resources (DER) have been underway for 10 years. First and foremost it has been the electrotechnical standardisation organisation IEC, who has been leading this development and now the major part of the standards are ready for use.

At the same time in Denmark and around us in the international society, we have become more aware of both the necessity and potential in the use of data communication across actors in the power system. This is called Smart Grid.

Enjoy reading the webpage.

JohnTang2012webEn standardiseret kommunikation vil gøre produktionen af el og varme nemmere og meget billigere. Det vil blive lettere at fjernbetjene kraftvarmeværkerne i forhold til, hvornår de skal køre eller ikke køre. For kraftvarmeværkerne bliver det desuden lettere at skifte mellem de balanceansvarlige, hvilket vil øge konkurrencen.

John Tang, Chefkonsulent i Dansk Fjernvarme