The CHPCOM project contains 6 work packages after the project was expanded with a work package about IT security.

Work Package 0, project coordination
This work package deals with the overall project management and coordination between the other work packages.
The aim of the work package is to secure that the other work packages of the project work together in the same direction in compliance with the scope of the project. Beyond that the course of the project has to be planned in such a way that output from a work package creates synergies and functions as input in other work packages.
In its management function the work package will focus on securing that both the technical and the business parts are prepared in appropriate compliance and creates value for the actors in CHPCOM.
Work package manager: Dansk Energi (Danish Energy Association)

Work Package 1, technological development
The main purpose of this work package is to design, develop and test the technical aspects of data communication between plant and the other actors by using the international standards IEC61850 and EIC62351.
Work packages manager: EURISCO

Work Packages 2, system integration
WP2 aim is to control the process for implementation and demonstration of the solutions developed in WP1 to the final large scale test. It is WP2 which will have the formal and practical contact to the CHP-plants and their suppliers.
Work package manager:

Work package 3, business models
The main purpose of WP3 is to develop future application scenarios for flexibility services through the new possibilities the data communication system offers and to validate the business potential for all actors in this system.
There is still uncertainty about the actual socio-economic and business potential of an automated and marked based concept for the services and therefore WP3 aims to both develop robust and detailed methods for valuation and thorough analyses of economic gains and growth potentials.
Work package manager: Dansk Energi (Danish Energy Association)

Work package 4, communication
CHPCOM is a project that all actors in the power sector can gain from. The project group works to make it easy for suppliers to develop hardware and software product in compliance with the CHPCOM solution. At the same time the implementation of the CHPCOM solution has to be easily accessible for the plants.
The knowledge of the project will be made available for all stakeholder in the Danish energy system through implementation guides, descriptions of the data standard and ongoing publishing of the result through the project homepage From the homepage it is also possible to subscribe to the projects newsletter.
Work package manager: Dansk Fjernvarme (Danish District Heating)

Work package 5, IT security
The IEC 61850 standard for communication, which is used in the CHPCOM project, does not deal directly with the security in the data communication. Here the standard IEC 62351 describes the security measures need to secure the communication between the plants and actors.
WP5 under CHPCOM aims to develop, test and try security infrastructure based on IEC 62351 which can support the data communication in the CHPCOM project.
Work package manager: Alexandra Instituttet (The Alexandra Institute)