CHPCOM is a project initiated and supported by for furthering the international Smart Grid related data communication standards in the Danish power sector.

CHPCOM has a focus on the decentralised CHP-plants since these to a high degree already have been involved in setting Danish power supply and Denmark on the international map as a pioneer for the future integration of decentralised and distributed power production.

Since the Puddel project in 2004 a number of data communication related projects in the ForskEl program have been completed and Denmark has with success contributed to development of the international data communication standards which now are also recommended internationally as the futures Smart Grid related standards.

In Denmark we now have a unique chance to bring the power sector and their supplier at the forefront of the international development.

Since 2007 has in the technical regulations for power producing installation pointed at that IEC 61850 is the communication standard which should be applied in the future.

In 2011 the Smart Grid related data communication standards was a part of the ForskEl tender. In 2013 the CHPCOM project was given support to implement and test the IEC 61850 standard at a number of plants in Denmark.