Potential- and stakeholder analysis

A report about potential- and stakeholder analysis has been done by interviewing select actors in the project. The report describes the current barriers which prevents the combined heat and power sector in utilising the possibilities of intelligent data exchange. In addition it elucidates the most important potentials of the standardised communication platform and which interests the central actors have in relations to the development and implementation of the communication standard IEC 61850.

The potential and stakeholder analysis are only avaiable in Danish and can be downloaded at the Danish site.

It has to be ensured that the most value adding uses of the CHPCOM solution is analysed and as much as possible demonstrated technical and commercial in the project. From the implementation experiences in the project the economic costs and gains/savings for the actors have to be documented. This will be used to do indicative business cases for plants of different types and other central actors, and determine which drivers are most important in relation to the attractiveness of the business cases.