What is CHPCOM?

The CHPCOM projects goal is to develop an IT communication solution, which should make the Danish power system ready for Smart Grid. The method is to standardise data communication between CHP-plants and the other actors of the power system.

When data communication is standardized the barriers which prohibits effective data exchange are broken down. This gives a long list of opportunities and advantages for the CHP-plant and the other actors of the power system including:

  • Automated data exchange of environment and measurement data between CHP-plants and other actors through internet based communication.
  • Secure access to measurement data from other actors.
  • Easier administration and higher quality of data at CHP-plants and other actors.
  • More flexible production and possibility for delivery of new services.
  • Lower costs when changing balance responsible party – both for the plant and the balance responsible party.

With the CHPCOM solution the Danish combined heat and power sector is equipped for a future power marked based on renewable energy, interoperation between the plants and a higher demand for intelligent management of the operation.