Use Cases documentation

The CHPCOM solution has to support the need for flexible operation at the plants in the future through secure and easy data exchange between actors and services for the TSO and DSO. The CHPCOM solution should hereby create new business opportunities at the plants and for other actors. The central uses of the standardised communication platform is tested in the CHPCOM project. These Use Cases is chosen on the basis of the identified potentials for the actors and concretizes how standardisation of data communication affects the actors. The Use Cases are used for both technical demonstration and for economical assessment in business cases.

A report has been made about the Use Cases documentation. The report describes how the uses of standardised data communication can be divided in Marked based Use Cases, System based Use Cases and Technical Use Cases. The report contains technical documentation for each Use Case and this documentation should be used by plants and other actors in connection with interoperability testing in the CHPCOM project.

The Use Case documentation report is only avaiable in Danish and can be downloaded at the Danish site.